Responsive Branding offers marketers an approach that embraces creativity, leverages media fragmentation and eschews uniformity. Instead, it aims for a coherent framework of cross-platform visual and verbal communication. Companies are struggling to break through in this hyper-media environment—and the old constructs of expertise no longer work.

You can start by asking yourself these ten questions:

1. Is my organization clear on its core values?
2. Do we sound like everyone else in our vertical?
3. Are we clear on whom our primary and secondary audiences are?
4. Do we tailor our messaging to connect with each audience that we speak to?
5. Are we communicating effectively across all potential media channels?
6. Are we clearly demonstrating our difference to our customers?
7. Are we clearly communicating our value proposition to our customers?
8. Do we make claims and statements that are generic and meaningless?
9. Do we sound relevant?
10. Is our communication strategy strongly aligned with our growth strategy?