The answer is no, but many are missing a major communications opportunity. It’s time to stop producing the simple 10K wrap that turns out to be not so simple and very painful to read through.

I recently launched a book called, Responsive Branding and the one major theme throughout all the research I conducted was that brands succeed when they break with conventional thinking.

It’s important to take your annual report seriously and consider how best to communicate your company’s nuances to current and future employees, diverse groups of investors, the media and general public. You can even consider using your annual report as a business development or marketing tool, which can be particularly effective in a B2B or business-to-government sales process. And non-profits often find their annual report is particularly important when speaking to potential donors.

Consider the impact of creating a unique annual report that ties your brand to the corporate strategy. Distribute it through numerous media channels to reach audiences in highly original ways. Break marketing rules and connect people to your company.

Stop thinking of the annual report as an artifact or a vestige of the past; it’s a program—and an opportunity. The annual report today is an underutilized media channel. There is power in a singular message that is distributed through the web, social media and yes, even in print.