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In a digital-first world, the success of your business is directly linked to the way you use design to express your brand. Decker Design doesn’t just make your brand look good. We leverage your unique differentiators to amplify your expertise and grow your business—and it shows. 

The results you’re seeking all begin with (and flow from) our research-driven strategy phase. Here’s how we take your firm to the next level.

Decker Design guided us through the complex business of rebranding with ease and wisdom. Lynda’s team is incredibly professional and responsive, and they worked tirelessly to beat every deadline. I would recommend Decker to any law firm.”

Elsa Weiss
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Hueston Hennigan

  • Strategy

    Set the foundation. Your strategy is the base of all your brand expressions. We pave the way for prospects to choose you over the competition.

    Set the foundation

    Our research-driven strategy phase consists of four parts that form a powerhouse brand-building machine. 

    Brand assessment

    We conduct internal and external stakeholder interviews and an exhaustive competitive analysis to reveal your firm’s unique opportunities for differentiation.

    Brand experience principles

    We translate the singular qualities that make your firm special into foundational design principles that establish what it feels like to interact with your brand. 

    Employee value proposition

    Your business is ultimately only as strong as your talent. In order to attract the best of the best, you must define what makes your firm the right fit for the top talent. We guide you in creating an internal branding strategy that draws the right people to your team. 

    Brand portfolio and architecture

    This is where the strategic rubber meets the road. We define the visual and verbal relationships between various products, services, and brand entities. The result is a thoughtful brand ecosystem that opens the door to a seamless and compelling customer experience. 

    Now that your strategy is all set, it’s time to translate it into captivating design.

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  • Design

    Transform your image. We construct the visual and verbal components that make up your brand’s DNA.

    Transform your image

    Your brand strategy sets the stage for every design choice we make. During the design phase, we convert your strategy into visual and verbal building blocks that can be used in everything from your website to your branded environments. 

    Visual identity

    We establish the details of your brand’s visual identity, including your logo, colors, typographic portfolio, and other visual elements.  

    Motion signature

    We infuse your logo with motion to create a dynamic brand fit for the digital age.


    We distill your brand attributes into ownable and timeless names for your company, services, and products.

    Brand guidelines

    Your brand is at its most powerful when it is expressed consistently across all physical and digital touchpoints. We provide the documentation necessary—including guidelines for your website and social media accounts as well as video guidance—to keep you and your team on-brand, every time.  

    Verbal identity and messaging

    Your brand is expressed in more than just visuals. We help you nail down your communication style to ensure your messaging enhances — not undermines — your brand.

    With your design system in place, it’s time to unleash your brand experience.

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  • Brand Experience

    Bring your brand to life. From your website to branded environments, we ignite your new brand.

    Bring your brand to life

    Here’s where we put it all together. Your brand has wings — it’s time to watch it soar. 

    Website design

    We design your firm’s website from the ground up. The result? A smart and beautiful business-generation engine that forms the core of firm’s your digital presence — and business development efforts. 

    Environmental branding

    Using signage and other assets, we bring your brand to life in key physical environments, from offices and retail locations to conference booths. 

    Launch and activation

    Celebrate the launch of your brand with the creation of purposeful collaterals, swag, and stationery. Our industry expertise enables us to do everything from detailed analyst presentations to brochures and exhibits.

    Rollout coaching

    Your brand isn’t fully activated until your staff embraces and embodies it. We coach your team to fully understand the strategy behind your brand and train them on the proper use of branded assets and visual identity systems. In the process, we empower your team to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

    Enough about Decker Design. Drop us a line and tell us about your firm’s most pressing branding needs. We’d love to help.

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