Hammermill High School Program


What’s a high-tech career you’ve never heard of that combines passions for science and sustainability? Paper engineering.


The paper industry wants to build interest among high achieving secondary school students to consider a career in paper engineering.


Emphasizing the industry’s scholarships and opportunities for students who excel in STEM created an enormous response.

Paper is Power is Hammermill’s effort to support teachers and students in schools across America with educational information about the benefits of paper for classroom learning.

Previous tools were created for elementary school and middle school students. Research supports the use of paper in the classroom citing greater information retention. For this more advanced audience we explored the origins of paper and defined the concept of working forests.

Research supports
the use of paper in the
classroom citing greater information retention.

Paper manufacturing is complex. Students learn about trees and how species-specific cellular differences impact manufacturing and end products. We take them through the entire process—from tree harvest to pulp manufacturing—in an easy to follow informational graphic style.

If a student ends up choosing to study paper science in college, the industry funds a substantial scholarship pool and many students can graduate having received full scholarships and find well-paying employment opportunities.


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