No one person can be all things for all people. Most of us accept this truism when it comes to individuals. But too many professional services firms fall into that very trap by portraying themselves as jack-of-all-trade generalists. They pride their firm on being able to do it all.

Unfortunately, in the world of professional services, a wide-open positioning is the same as no positioning at all.

Yet many professional services firms are still too afraid to narrow their positioning. Why is that? It’s because they assume tightening their focus means reducing business opportunity. After all, they reason, the broader your range, the bigger your audience. And more services equal more customers.

That may be true in theory, but it’s not how it usually plays out in practice. In a saturated market, presenting your firm as “all things” puts you at risk of competing on price rather than on the unique value of your expertise. That, in turn, undercuts loyalty and leads to commoditization—two outcomes you want to avoid at all costs. Rather than cheapening your offerings, your goal is to burnish your brand and elevate your firm’s profile.

Clear positioning is at the center of your legal or financial service firm’s ability to attract your ideal clients and grow your business. And it all begins with a pitch-perfect positioning statement.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why you need to differentiate your brand in order to elevate it
  • What a positioning statement is, and why your professional services firm needs one
  • The qualities of a strong positioning statement
  • How to craft an effective, impactful positioning statement to drive your marketing efforts