In an era of rapid energy transformation, New Jersey Resources sought to vividly demonstrate their innovative strides and commitment to sustainable growth in their annual report.


We strategically photographed major projects, showcasing the tangible impact of NJR’s investments in clean energy and infrastructure modernization efforts.


The visually compelling annual report resonated with stakeholders, enhancing NJR’s narrative of progress and reinforcing investor confidence in the company’s forward-thinking approach and market leadership.

With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve visualized the essence of NJR’s groundbreaking projects. Our photography brings to life the impact of their clean energy initiatives and infrastructure advancements, telling a story of progress and dedication that words alone cannot fully convey.

This visual narrative not only highlights NJR’s achievements but also showcases our commitment to excellence in presenting the annual milestones of industry leaders.

Creative Director: Lynda Decker
Designer: Susanne Adrian
Illustrator: Kevin Lamb
Photographer: John Madere