Set the foundation

Our research-driven strategy phase consists of four parts that form a powerhouse brand-building machine. 

Brand assessment

We conduct internal and external stakeholder interviews and an exhaustive competitive analysis to reveal your firm’s unique opportunities for differentiation.

Brand experience principles

We translate the singular qualities that make your firm special into foundational design principles that establish what it feels like to interact with your brand. 

Employee value proposition

Your business is ultimately only as strong as your talent. In order to attract the best of the best, you must define what makes your firm the right fit for the top talent. We guide you in creating an internal branding strategy that draws the right people to your team. 

Brand portfolio and architecture

This is where the strategic rubber meets the road. We define the visual and verbal relationships between various products, services, and brand entities. The result is a thoughtful brand ecosystem that opens the door to a seamless and compelling customer experience. 

Now that your strategy is all set, it’s time to translate it into captivating design.