Create a grass-roots communication platform to support the many strategies needed to meet the challenge of climate resilience and adaptation in New York and New Jersey.


A multi-platform brand tool kit for use by the organization as well as community organizers. It not only includes the expected elements of a brand program but a plethora of assets for social media and local events.


An inclusive program to give citizens a united voice in calling for policy reform and comprehensive solutions to climate change.

Our most recent work for the Waterfront Alliance extends the effort we began with WEDG, a program that addressed best practices for building on the waterfront. Rise to Resilience is an advocacy campaign for citizens, to unite with one voice to influence public policy on the issue of climate resilience and adaptation.

Communities in New York and New Jersey were devastated by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Solutions often need to address unique challenges across many communities ranging from design, engineering, zoning and social justice. The issue is complex and citizens need better tools to have their voices heard.

Our program includes a bold logo/call to action which is applied on all communications. The website is being created using an agile methodology so that it could be launched quickly—additional content is being developed and will be added on a scheduled basis to coordinate with specific news releases.

Starting with the baseline of brilliant design, professionalism and on time performance, what sets Decker Design apart is Lynda’s ability to deeply understand the needs and aspirations of the organization she is serving and the passion and dedication to work collaboratively to get the product right.

Roland Lewis, CEO, Waterfront Alliance

There is a secondary suite of elements to visually tie in all of the related events that are scheduled for the fall of 2020. Each logo consists of a wave combined with another element. The system begins with a wave and a line to represent the land and water, City of Water Day is a city on the sea, the Waterfront Conference is a speech bubble with the wave and Heroes of the Harbor, the annual gala is represented by a circle (the award is a lifesaver) floating over the sea.

A graphic of a globe combines the elements and is meant for webinar backgrounds, t-shirts and social media. We created an entire program of emojis, and social stickers to amplify the programs social media presence.

In the next month we will be designing the full policy platform report. Our goal is from a federal green economic recovery, to nature-based solutions at the local level, to well-paying green infrastructure jobs, these solutions, among others, will bring our communities back stronger than ever.