Lynda Decker is a featured guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast, a weekly show that focuses on the best growth and management tactics for law firms. Ryan Klein & Chase Williams, Managing Partners at Market My Market, speak with industry experts who share tips and secrets that lead to success.

Decker, President and Creative Director at Decker Design, is a legal sector-focused brand strategist and multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses high-level website design, interactive communications, publications, and information graphics.

With 26+ years of experience in design, Decker comes to the table ready to transform outdated law firm websites into identities that amplify expertise through compelling visual design, resulting in attracting clients by standing out from the mediocrity of law firm web designs. Her designs have proven time and again to be a firm’s revenue driver, as the website is most often the first line of communication with a potential client.

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Listen to “EP 189 – Lynda Decker – Increasing Your Firm’s Revenue with Top-of-the-Line Website Design” on Spreaker.


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