Redesigning your logo is a big deal. For one thing, it usually means completely overhauling your brand’s visual identity with ripple effects throughout your brand architecture and infrastructure. For another, it automatically lands you in full-on rebrand territory, which necessarily means added expense and complexity.

For these and other reasons, it often makes good sense to revitalize your brand with a refresh—that is, redesigning elements of your brand while stopping short of your logo. But there are times when only a logo redesign will do. If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, it’s time to seriously consider a logo redesign:

Is your logo and out of step with the rest of your brand? Does it feel like an outdated throwback that no longer represents your brand?

Have your business model, goals and/or target audience changed in a meaningful way since you last designed your logo? If so, it’s possible that your logo doesn’t speak as meaningfully to your current model, business goals and audience.

Are you making do with a poorly designed original logo that no longer matches your brand’s current level of sophistication?

Has your brand lost equity due to a reputation problem? If so, rebranding —with a new logo, new messaging and possibly even a new name—is likely a necessary step in repairing and rebuilding your brand’s reputation.

Is your logo overly visually complex in a way that makes it difficult to apply in a variety of settings? If so, you may need to simplify your logo.

Does your logo translate well to a variety of devices, including mobile and (if applicable) app tiles for smartphones? If your logo doesn’t read well at commonly viewed smaller sizes, it’s time to refine it.

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