Identifying the right distribution channels for your content is essential to remaining relevant as younger generations become decision makers and begin shopping for financial services firms.

Let’s put it this way. Do you know any millenials who get excited about opening a PDF or visiting a website landing page? Do you think they’re going to share it widely with their colleagues? To attract the next crop of customers, you need to be creative about which platforms you use to deliver your message, how they tell your story and which are the most effective distribution channels.

You can take your messaging to the next level if you meet your audience where they are, whether it’s on Twitter, TikTok or YouTube.

Here are some ways you should be looking at how your content is planned, produced, presented and distributed:

Start with content your audience cares about.

Younger audiences are different from your older, more established clients. Speak to the issues that matter to them. Think about what finance topics are most likely to get their attention (college loans, credit card debt, credit rating, financial literacy, first time home buying). If you can anticipate and answer some of their questions, you become a trusted resource and they consider becoming a customer.

TikTok isn’t just for teen dance trends.

Just ask Krystal Todd. The California-based CPA has attracted a substantial following on TikTok with short videos filled with practical financial advice. She talks directly to viewers from her car, her home, wherever. She answers questions from her viewers, responds to trends she’s seeing online, debunks myths and makes complicated subjects simple to understand. She’s smart, funny, occasionally salty but always authentic. If you have reservations about dipping your toes into a platform like TikTok, consider that young people are spending an average of 90 minutes a day there. It’s far and away the most ascendant social media platform. It’s an enormous market with untapped potential.

YouTube can be curated to deliver targeted content.

While not a millennial himself, Robert Kiyosaki knows how to cut through the clutter and deliver informative and entertaining financial advice directly to that audience. His “Rich Dad” channel on YouTube has 2.6 million subscribers and over 123 million views. He’s created playlists to dive deeper on specific topics, including “Millennial Money.”

Videos don’t need to be highly produced, expensive or long.

Think about any viral video you’ve ever seen. Was it shot in a studio with a professional camera and lighting? Was it carefully scripted, edited and polished in post production? Not likely. It was probably shot on somebody’s phone in one take. It was candid, authentic, funny or inspirational. Everyone has a portable TV studio in their pocket these days and consumers are accustomed to seeing that level of production. You don’t need to overthink or overspend.

Enlist younger members of your firm.

Want to know what young people want to know? Ask young people within your own organization. Invite them to come up with topics, create content, and identify the proper platforms. If you don’t include younger generations in your content strategy, whatever you’re putting out into the market is a guess and probably inauthentic.

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