Is Your Law Firm Guilty of Dismissing the Power of Social Media?

    The old analogy of the three-legged stool applies to your firm’s digital marketing strategy. For marketplace success, you need more than a clear message. You also need an outstanding website experience and a compelling social media presence. Without any one of those pillars of support (message, website and social channels), your firm will be wobbly—and irrelevant. Strengthening your brand and…

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    Will Your Law Firm’s Website Be Top-Notch Without a UX Agency?

    Usability is a hot-button topic in the world of website design. For good reason: If your law firm’s website has a poor user experience (UX), you risk losing business before even getting a chance to make your case. The question is, how deeply do you need to invest in UX when it comes time to redesign your firm’s website? Do…

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    Legal Action: How (and Why) to Use Motion on Your Law Firm’s Website

    Motion is an increasingly common feature in website design. Whether in the form of live-action video, animations, or kinetic typography, web designers use motion to set a tone, tell a story, or express a brand’s identity. Today, motion is most often found on entertainment and consumer goods websites. The legal space, on the other hand, is still almost entirely static….

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    Show, Don’t Tell: How to Leverage Video Content in Marketing Your Law Firm

    Law firms are in a perpetual war for talent. In order to recruit top-tier lawyers, they must compete not only with other law firms but with tech companies and big businesses, too. Until recently, your firm may have relied on job fairs, activities in association with colleges and universities, and networking as its primary recruiting tools. While those tactics are…

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    Why aren’t more women in leadership positions?

    Women and leadership—it’s not the pipeline; it’s a pathway problem. Women outnumber men in college—they account for 55% of undergraduates, tend to have higher grades and drop out less frequently than men. Yet as of 2020 women still accounted for only 7.4% of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Still not shocked? Back in 2015, The New York Times found…

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