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How to Use Digital Recruiting to Engage Your Firm’s Prospective Hires

Your law firm lives and dies on the strength of your legal talent. Because that’s true, you invest deeply in attracting and retaining top recruits. After all, the future success of your firm depends upon those efforts! Although you have a recruiting section on your website, you’ve historically relied on a number of in-person events, such as campus visits and…

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Legal Action: How (and Why) to Use Motion on Your Law Firm’s Website

Motion is an increasingly common feature in website design. Whether in the form of live-action video, animations, or kinetic typography, web designers use motion to set a tone, tell a story, or express a brand’s identity. Today, motion is most often found on entertainment and consumer goods websites. The legal space, on the other hand, is still almost entirely static….

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Drive Your Law Firm’s Recruitment with an Engaging Remote Summer Associate Program

Your law firm’s summer associate program is at the heart of your recruiting efforts. You strive to give your summer associates ample opportunities to grow in their understanding of the legal profession. Just as importantly, you give them a taste of your firm’s culture. You show them why your firm should be the first step in their emerging legal careers….

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