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Listen to Lynda Decker On the Holocene Podcast, “Expanding On a Life of Design”

Rob Auchincloss from HOLOCENE interviewed Lynda Decker on his podcast, as he seeks to gain knowledge from the most creative, adventurous and bright among us.  Check out episode #36 and listen to Rob and Lynda talk about dogs in the office, the design industry, surfing, the importance of nature and many other topics. Click on the play button below to…

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How Private Equity Firms Are Boosting Profits by Burnishing Portfolio Company Brands

The mission for any private equity firm is to find innovative ways to grow their portfolio companies and maximize their profits. More recently, some of the most forward-looking private equity firms have begun hiring brand consultants to work directly with their portfolio companies to build brand strategies and develop marketing plans. This new model is a distinct pivot for the…

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Listen to Lynda Decker As a Guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast

Lynda Decker is a featured guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast, a weekly show that focuses on the best growth and management tactics for law firms. Ryan Klein & Chase Williams, Managing Partners at Market My Market, speak with industry experts who share tips and secrets that lead to success. Decker, President and Creative Director at Decker Design, is a legal…

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Putting Real People First: How to Use Personas to Differentiate Your Law Firm

It’s often said that companies don’t hire law firms—they hire lawyers. By the same token, your clients and prospects aren’t just companies—they’re people. And those people determine how an organization operates in the marketplace: how they approach problems, how they make purchasing decisions, who they are likely to turn to in a crisis, and what stakeholders they need to consider….

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Refresh Your Financial Services Brand to Stay Relevant and Avoid a Complete Overhaul

For financial services companies in a rapidly evolving industry, maintaining brand recognition and brand reputation are critical. The more frequent brand adjustments and refinements you can make, the more you can hold your position in the market without embarking on an expensive rebranding project. To keep your brand operating at its optimal level, you need to be monitoring and refreshing…

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