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Your Firm Can’t Afford to Skip a Defined, Detailed Discovery Process

Before your firm redesigns its website, tackles a total rebrand, or plans to enter a new market, you must undertake a robust discovery process. Discovery is the most important aspect of any design project. It’s the foundation that informs every decision along the way. Without a thorough discovery process, a project can go over budget, blow past deadlines, fail to…

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Big Corporations Are Betting on Design. Your Firm Should Be, Too.

Major corporations aren’t exactly known for their transparency. But I’ve recently started seeing something that’s really surprised me. Corporate heavyweights like IBM, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Starbucks are providing a rare peek behind the corporate curtain: They’re publicly posting their internal brand standards, design guidelines and plans right on their websites. When these large, established companies start sharing information that…

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