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The Elements of Website Design Guidelines

Your brand guidelines should form the foundation of all the design work you do, from digital advertising to printed assets and beyond. But your website, which forms the hub of your digital marketing activities, deserves extra attention. Consider putting together a set of website design guidelines to complement your brand guidelines. This allows you to scale your website without introducing…

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Successful Legal Marketing’s Secret? Ongoing Effort

Staying competitive in today’s legal marketplace demands you constantly refine, revise and update your law firm’s marketing strategy to maintain brand relevance and recognition.  You can never be “one and done” when it comes to marketing your law firm. It’s not enough to undertake the occasional website redesign or rebranding. Instead, you need to establish a regular and rigorous practice…

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How to Avoid the 5 Worst Legal Website Pitfalls

Your law firm’s website is without a doubt your most powerful communications, sales and marketing tool. It is the face of your firm and the first impression you will make on almost all of your prospective clients. In other words, you simply cannot afford for your firm’s website to become a liability with poor design choices and subpar messaging that…

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Your 5-Step Guide to Law Firm Positioning

If you want to have any hope of cutting through the clutter in a crowded legal services landscape, your prospects need to know immediately what you do, who you do it for and what makes you different from others offering similar services. That’s where positioning comes into play. And your law firm’s website is where your positioning must be crystal…

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Listen to Lynda Decker As a Guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast

Lynda Decker is a featured guest on the Legal Mastermind Podcast, a weekly show that focuses on the best growth and management tactics for law firms. Ryan Klein & Chase Williams, Managing Partners at Market My Market, speak with industry experts who share tips and secrets that lead to success. Decker, President and Creative Director at Decker Design, is a legal…

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