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What’s Your Law Firm’s Brand Archetype?

Use the 12 Archetypes to Assess Your Firm and Size Up Your Competition Brand marketers universally agree that there are twelve brand archetypes. Each of the twelve archetypes is depicted on the wheel below, along with a well-known brand that epitomizes it. Note that the archetypes are grouped into four categories: stability, fulfillment, enjoyment, and risk. As you consider your…

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Is Your Logo Ripe for a Redesign?

Redesigning your logo is a big deal. For one thing, it usually means completely overhauling your brand’s visual identity with ripple effects throughout your brand architecture and infrastructure. For another, it automatically lands you in full-on rebrand territory, which necessarily means added expense and complexity. For these and other reasons, it often makes good sense to revitalize your brand with…

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The 4 Stages of a Robust Design Discovery Process

The discovery phase of any design or branding project is all about research and information gathering. It’s a critical part of the process that goes far beyond the project brief. No two agencies handle the discovery process in the exact same way. However, you should strive to partner with a firm that takes a more robust approach. At Decker Design,…

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How to Leverage Your Law Firm’s Website to Distinguish Your Brand and Demonstrate Value

Your law firm’s awards and accolades may be impressive, but to truly have an impact, they need to be used strategically and sparingly — and be supported with examples. Listing every recognition you’ve ever received or posting the logo of every client you represent will fatigue your prospective clients and cheapen your brand. First, you need to be selective about…

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Your 5-Step Guide to Law Firm Positioning

If you want to have any hope of cutting through the clutter in a crowded legal services landscape, your prospects need to know immediately what you do, who you do it for and what makes you different from others offering similar services. That’s where positioning comes into play. And your law firm’s website is where your positioning must be crystal…

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