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The Elements of Website Design Guidelines

Your brand guidelines should form the foundation of all the design work you do, from digital advertising to printed assets and beyond. But your website, which forms the hub of your digital marketing activities, deserves extra attention. Consider putting together a set of website design guidelines to complement your brand guidelines. This allows you to scale your website without introducing…

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7 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Your Next CMO Candidate

A chief marketing officer is charged with charting your firm’s marketing strategy at an executive level by working closely with partners to achieve business goals. A dedicated CMO can take your law firm to the next level. The right CMO will both enhance your firm’s brand and increase its visibility while remaining true to your existing culture. Hire well, and…

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How to Avoid the 5 Worst Legal Website Pitfalls

Your law firm’s website is without a doubt your most powerful communications, sales and marketing tool. It is the face of your firm and the first impression you will make on almost all of your prospective clients. In other words, you simply cannot afford for your firm’s website to become a liability with poor design choices and subpar messaging that…

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How to Leverage Your Law Firm’s Website to Distinguish Your Brand and Demonstrate Value

Your law firm’s awards and accolades may be impressive, but to truly have an impact, they need to be used strategically and sparingly — and be supported with examples. Listing every recognition you’ve ever received or posting the logo of every client you represent will fatigue your prospective clients and cheapen your brand. First, you need to be selective about…

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Listen to Lynda Decker On the Holocene Podcast, “Expanding On a Life of Design”

Rob Auchincloss from HOLOCENE interviewed Lynda Decker on his podcast, as he seeks to gain knowledge from the most creative, adventurous and bright among us.  Check out episode #36 and listen to Rob and Lynda talk about dogs in the office, the design industry, surfing, the importance of nature and many other topics. Click on the play button below to…

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