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Only Add a Microsite to Your Law Firm’s Website Under This One Condition

Like a Swiss Army knife, your law firm’s website performs many important and discrete functions. Your website is your billboard, business card, virtual front door, portfolio, resource library and even your receptionist. Like a multipurpose knife, your website should be thoughtfully and specifically designed—all for your firm’s unique marketing needs. In the eyes of your firm’s partners, your current website…

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The Real Cost of Delay: Can Your Law Firm Afford Not to Redesign Its Website?

Just like an old and worn wardrobe, your website may need a major overhaul. But the idea of having to pitch everything and start over may be intimidating enough to keep you wearing embarrassingly outdated trends. Unfortunately your prospects won’t be able to see past your old-fashioned choices. Instead they’ll assume you’re just out of touch. Modernizing your website isn’t…

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The Case for Design: How to Use Design to Unlock Improved Business Outcomes for Your Law Firm

In today’s digital-first landscape, design is critically important to the success of all businesses—including your law firm. Gone are the days of staking your law firm’s future on long business lunches, endless rounds of golf at the club, and person-to-person referrals. In many ways, your brand’s primary expression is now digital—and design is the common language. Which means your law…

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