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The Real Cost of Delay: Can Your Law Firm Afford Not to Redesign Its Website?

Just like an old and worn wardrobe, your website may need a major overhaul. But the idea of having to pitch everything and start over may be intimidating enough to keep you wearing embarrassingly outdated trends. Unfortunately your prospects won’t be able to see past your old-fashioned choices. Instead they’ll assume you’re just out of touch. Modernizing your website isn’t…

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The Case for Design: How to Use Design to Unlock Improved Business Outcomes for Your Law Firm

In today’s digital-first landscape, design is critically important to the success of all businesses—including your law firm. Gone are the days of staking your law firm’s future on long business lunches, endless rounds of golf at the club, and person-to-person referrals. In many ways, your brand’s primary expression is now digital—and design is the common language. Which means your law…

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Think You Still Own Your Firm’s Brand? Think Again.

If your professional service’s firm’s branding and reputation management feel more like a wrestling match than a friendly conversation, you have a problem. Too often, it goes something like this: You work hard to consistently express your firm’s brand. But in today’s digital-first world, the megaphone is in the hands of your customers. And a quick Google search reveals that…

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Your Branding Investment Depends on an Agency Partner With These 6 Qualities

You know your professional services firm is in need of a brand refresh. Whether you’re looking to modernize your brand, create a more consistent brand infrastructure, or completely revamp your firm’s identity, hiring the right design partner is your first (and arguably most important) step. But where should you begin? Unfortunately, hiring the right branding partner isn’t always as straightforward…

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7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Financial Services Brand

In many ways, COVID-19 laid bare a lack of digital preparedness in seemingly sophisticated industries. Industries like financial services. 2020 was the year that “digital-first” finally went from an aspiration to a reality. Of course, the transition was already well under way. Amazon was replacing the mall. Twitter was displacing PR feeds and newswires. But on the heels of a…

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