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Putting Real People First: How to Use Personas to Differentiate Your Law Firm

It’s often said that companies don’t hire law firms—they hire lawyers. By the same token, your clients and prospects aren’t just companies—they’re people. And those people determine how an organization operates in the marketplace: how they approach problems, how they make purchasing decisions, who they are likely to turn to in a crisis, and what stakeholders they need to consider….

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Want a Stronger Brand? Give Your Clients a Superior User Experience

The importance of putting your customers first isn’t a groundbreaking concept. Yet most professional services firms have websites with a customer experience that falls well short of that ideal. Too many firms have websites that say what they want to say rather than what their customers need to know. Their sites are packed with jargon, difficult to navigate and try…

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Why Does My Law Firm’s Website Cost So Much?

The price question comes up frequently when I’m discussing potential website design projects, particularly with smaller firms. The fact is whether you are a boutique litigation firm or a massive, multinational AmLaw 50 firm, your website is your primary branding, marketing, communications, sales, and recruitment tool. And because we understand the important role your firm’s website plays in your firm’s…

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The Discovery Phase Makes or Breaks Your Firm’s Website Design Project

You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided it’s time to invest in a new website for your legal or financial services firm—and received approval from your executive leadership team, too. Maybe your current site suffers from performance issues. Perhaps it doesn’t do a good job of showcasing your firm’s unique positioning. Or maybe it simply looks outdated. Whatever the reason, you…

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Developing Stronger Positioning Sets Your Firm Up for Success

No one person can be all things for all people. Most of us accept this truism when it comes to individuals. But too many professional services firms fall into that very trap by portraying themselves as jack-of-all-trade generalists. They pride their firm on being able to do it all. Unfortunately, in the world of professional services, a wide-open positioning is the same…

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