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7 Tips to Differentiate Your Firm Through its Verbal Brand Identity

The strongest brand is not just about what is seen. It is just as much about what is said. Successful branding for professional services firms requires an effective fusion of both visual and verbal identities. How you appear to your audience must closely align with how you address that audience. A compelling verbal identity that is crafted to amplify the…

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Your Firm Can’t Afford to Skip a Defined, Detailed Discovery Process

Before your firm redesigns its website, tackles a total rebrand, or plans to enter a new market, you must undertake a robust discovery process. Discovery is the most important aspect of any design project. It’s the foundation that informs every decision along the way. Without a thorough discovery process, a project can go over budget, blow past deadlines, fail to…

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Big Corporations Are Betting on Design. Your Firm Should Be, Too.

Major corporations aren’t exactly known for their transparency. But I’ve recently started seeing something that’s really surprised me. Corporate heavyweights like IBM, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Starbucks are providing a rare peek behind the corporate curtain: They’re publicly posting their internal brand standards, design guidelines and plans right on their websites. When these large, established companies start sharing information that…

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Listen to Lynda Decker As a Guest on The Maximum Lawyer Podcast

Listen to Lynda Decker as a guest on The Maximum Lawyer Podcast with Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux.  As the Owner of Decker Design, Lynda is a legal sector-focused brand strategist and multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses high-level website design, interactive communications, publications, and information graphics. With 25+ years of experience in design, Decker comes to the table ready to transform outdated law…

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The Case for Design: How to Use Design to Unlock Improved Business Outcomes for Your Law Firm

In today’s digital-first landscape, design is critically important to the success of all businesses—including your law firm. Gone are the days of staking your law firm’s future on long business lunches, endless rounds of golf at the club, and person-to-person referrals. In many ways, your brand’s primary expression is now digital—and design is the common language. Which means your law…

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