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To Design an Effective Professional Services Website, Follow the Content

What makes for a truly effective legal or financial services website? If you want your site to play an active role in growing your business, it’s not just striking visuals you’re after. Remember, your website is a communications tool first and foremost. What you say to your prospects (both directly and indirectly) is of utmost importance. Which means your website’s…

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How to Preserve Your Financial Services Firm’s Brand Equity During M&A

An M&A deal is an exciting opportunity to quickly expand your financial services firm’s capabilities and market share. If you’re pursuing a merger or acquisition, the deal itself may be a no-brainer. But the process of actually integrating two firms into a single, cohesive entity? That part isn’t so simple. In fact, an M&A deal represents a distinct period of…

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Brand Guidelines Will Protect & Extend Your Professional Services Brand

As a marketing leader, you understand the value of your professional services firm’s brand better than anyone. Your brand, properly wielded, has the power to elevate your position in the marketplace and act as an evergreen driver of new business. Depending on your organization’s level of marketing sophistication, you may have had to work hard to earn brand buy-in from…

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Share Your Professional Services Brand’s Message With Everyone Using Inclusive Design

In today’s digital-first world, your website is your business’s “front door.” It’s likely to be the first (and sometimes only) point of contact your prospective clients have with your professional services firm. So it’s no wonder marketing executives like you are so preoccupied with your website’s design, user experience and messaging! But focusing all your energy on those details—as important…

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Your Branding Investment Depends on an Agency Partner With These 6 Qualities

You know your professional services firm is in need of a brand refresh. Whether you’re looking to modernize your brand, create a more consistent brand infrastructure, or completely revamp your firm’s identity, hiring the right design partner is your first (and arguably most important) step. But where should you begin? Unfortunately, hiring the right branding partner isn’t always as straightforward…

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