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How to Use Inspiration to Impact Your Website Design

Your law firm has finally arrived at a consensus: It’s time to redesign your website. Now that you’ve reached this point, you’re anxious to communicate your preferences to your designer. You may even have a handful of “inspiration” websites in mind — websites that seem to embody the results you’re after. During the beginning stages of a web design project,…

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How to Use Digital Recruiting to Engage Your Firm’s Prospective Hires

Your law firm lives and dies on the strength of your legal talent. Because that’s true, you invest deeply in attracting and retaining top recruits. After all, the future success of your firm depends upon those efforts! Although you have a recruiting section on your website, you’ve historically relied on a number of in-person events, such as campus visits and…

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Design Communication Pitfalls: What to Avoid With Your Law Firm’s Design Partner

If your law firm is like many others, hiring a design partner represents a major investment. Of course, selecting the right design partner goes a long way toward ensuring you get the results you want. But that’s just the first step. You might be surprised to learn that the quality of your law firm’s design results is directly connected to the way…

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In the War for Talent, Brand Could Be Your Secret Weapon

When it comes to recruiting, we don’t have to tell you that today’s law firms are locked in a battle for top talent. Not only must they compete against each other, but they must also contend with rising tech firms and organizations in other industries, too. You’ve spent years building up your law firm’s reputation. But what about your brand?…

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Level Up Your Law Firm’s Marketing with a Chief Marketing Officer

Your law practice has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. You’ve developed a reputation as the go-to firm in several practice areas, and you’ve built a stable of lawyers with the skills to support it. Now that your firm is operating at a new level, it’s time to level up your marketing, too. Until now, you’ve likely approached…

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